Engage employees

If your problem is…

Staff suffer from lack enthusiasm about their work, low confidence in senior management, and appear detached from the organisation’s mission, reputation and interests.

LSi proposed solution

Employment engagement benchmark

We work with you to facilitate an authentic dialogue, building on the results of initial benchmarking of motivation, ownership, feeling valued, conflict, openness, diversity and feedback culture.

Innovation tournament

We organise an innovation tournament to foster, recognise and reward people in your organisation with high mission performance.

Online knowledge communities

LSi’s communities leverage the power of actionable social learning and always-on performance support to foster and value engagement and collaboration.

What success might look like

Individuals within teams improve awareness of engagement challenges and are empowered to address each of them, both individually and within teams.

LSi advantage

LSi uses a high-quality instrument benchmark employee engagement.

LSi’s mastery of digital learning delivers low-cost, scalable solutions to engage everyone, across the geographies and silos of your organisation.