Who we are

We are based in Geneva, Switzerland, home of the United Nations and birthplace of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

We are a global, distributed network of talented learning leaders.

Our mission is to help organizations rethink learning as a strategic function to drive growth, performance, and sustainability.

We grow learning strategies in the fertile soil of an organisation’s culture, to drive performance, results, and growth for organisations with a mission to improve the state of the world.

  • LSi’s “product” is its unique combination of wetware (people), technology, and science and the capabilities they provide survive and thrive in the Digital Transformation.
  • LSi’s multi-disciplinary team picks from an array of lenses to unravel complex problems, because no single way of seeing can. These evidence-based lenses include complexity theory, learning science, knowledge management, talent and human resource, performance, learning culture, quality development, and information technology.
  • LSi’s Scholar Partnership with the Geneva Learning Foundation enables open, scalable digital learning initiatives in which learners are co-creators of knowledge, working together in networks of peers across geographies and diversity to drive performance and results.
  • LSi’s research and analysis generates the insights that are needed to build new, sustainable business models for new learning, talent and leadership as a way of shaping humanity and society for the better.