LSi’s approach to leadership development

At LSi, we recognise this is an era of radical and disruptive change in every facet of society. We wrestle with our tried and tested ways of working in the past so that they stay relevant in an increasingly complex present. Where we seek passion and purpose, work remains, more often than not, stress and drudgery. And that is consistent wherever people are on the pyramid. Technology has seeped into every realm of our work – and we struggle there, too, with the fear that it will overwhelm, dehumanise, or even replace us.

We observe that the power of hierarchy is diminishing. The structures in our organisations are being challenged to radically reshape. Yet we know that failure rates in change programmes are high. In a vast and growing network of alliances, partnerships and consortia, we find ourselves compelled into new and collaborative models and platforms, without necessarily having a blueprint for how to work to our best in them. This is both a challenge and an opportunity to transform our mental models and leadership practices.

We need a new generation of collaborative working and leadership models with the potential to reignite people’s purpose and passion for their work. How can we strengthen our individual and collective working skills and leverage the amazing benefits of technology? How can we unleash and co-create more human and inclusive working spaces, where trust can flourish, power can be more evenly distributed and innovative solutions emerge that will enhance our mission?

At LSi, we introduce creative processes and tools that help to tap into individuals’ own strengths and self awareness. This in turn empowers them to release their untapped potential and reconnect with their passion for both learning and their day-to-day work. We believe this holds the key to creating an engaged workforce.

Catherine Russ