WHO GRISP online course video tutorials

Total time required to view all videos and complete required tasks: 30 minutes

1. Pre-course briefing

Download the pre-course briefing presentation (PDF, 731Kb)

In this pre-course briefing, we review:

  1. Who is in the course
  2. Learning objectives
  3. Course team
  4. Course schedule
  5. Your next step

In this course, we will be primarily using two web sites as tools to support learning:

  1. Scholar is the learning environment where we will be collaborating together throughout the six weeks of the course. You can work in Scholar at any time, from anywhere. Instructions to register in Scholar and join the WHO GRISP community may be found on this page.
  2. GoToTraining is the software that we will use to meet once a week for the Thursday discussion groups. Click here to register for the discussion group. The time to meet is scheduled every Thursday at 16h00 in Geneva.

Pre-Course briefing (Part 1 of 2, 6 minutes 32 seconds)

Pre-Course briefing (Part 2 of 2, 6 minutes 20 seconds) Download video file (MP4, 167MB)

Once you have viewed the pre-course briefing, you are now ready to register in Scholar.

2. How to register in Scholar

Once you have viewed the pre-course briefing, you should review the instructions (download), view the tutorials below, and then proceed to register and sign into Scholar.

Download the step-by-step guide to create your account and register in Scholar’s WHO GRISP community.

Step 1 – sign up (3:35) Download video file (MP4, 39.7 MB)


  • We recommend that you write down the Given Name, Surname, and Username for future reference.
  • You will need to recall both the E-mail you used to register and the Password you created every time you log into Scholar.
  • Click on Create Account only after you have ensured that you will be able to recall both Username and Password.

Step 2 – Create your profile (6:17) Download video file (MP4, 167.2 MB)

3. Once you are in Scholar, additional tutorials are available in the player below to guide you on its use.

View all available videos for download

In these tutorials, you will learn to:

  1. Add your profile picture and info (5:12)
  2. How to join the GRISP Community in Scholar (3:13)
  3. How to comment on an Update (2:40)
  4. How to find your way around the GRISP Community (5:32)
  5. GRISP Community features (6:37)

Tip: Please note that there are many short videos available through the screen below. Click in the top left of the video viewer, on the three white horizontal bars with the tiny white arrow, as shown below.


View all available videos for download