An LSi braintrust is an advisory group convened to unpack, analyze, and reflect on problems in order to imagine, create, and invent to turn challenges into opportunities. The braintrust connects a mix of senior learning leaders with a balance of expertise in content, design, tech, and business. It contributes to the success of LSi’s clients and serves to create and sustain a thriving, high-performance learning culture.

Brain trust members get to work on complex learning, organizational and societal problems as part of an eclectic, diverse group of thinkers and doers. The work is voluntary, although some braintrust members may also contribute to project implementation if needed.

The overall purpose is to help create solutions through learning innovation to tackle wicked problems in humanitarian, development, global health and other areas that matter.

The model draws on Pixar’s Brain Trust (complete candor, no-holds-barred peer review, lots of argument and disagreement, no direct authority, informal process and membership) as well as skunk works, DARPA, lean startup, design thinking and other models for creation, invention and innovation.

LSi has convened and nurtured braintrusts for learning design (4-8 members) and education business modeling (15 members).